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We found this pretty little cocktail a couple days ago somewhere on instagram and right when we saw it we knew we had to try it. This also gave us the chance to break out this pretty martini glass we bought today. We don’t have too many different glasses that we can experiment with at home so we ran to a Goodwill and found the most amazing cocktail glasses. This was probably our favorite. So we’re really excited to break out our new-used glassware over the next couple of weeks!

We saw this cocktail garnished with Baby’s Breath, which is kind of hard to find in Phoenix, so we put an Arizona twist on it and garnished it with these pretty succulent flowers instead.

One of our favorite things about this cocktail is that it’s so easy to make non-alcoholic. And for all of you dairy free and vegan people out there, we made this with this plant based heavy cream we found at the store today!

Here is the recipe:

1.5 oz gin

.75 oz triple sec

.75 oz grenadine

1 oz cream (we used heavy cream for a frothier cocktail)

Dry shake first then add ice and shake some more and strain into a pretty glass!

For NA: use your fave NA gin and triple sec syrup instead of triple sec.


How cute would this margarita be for a gender reveal party!?! It would, of course, have to have its pink counterpart, maybe like a hibiscus margarita or some other flavor that would make for a good pink drink. Even on its own this blue themed margarita is fun and was a good challenge.

We did a lot of experimenting with this one and used some things we’ve never used before. One of them being these butterfly pea flower drops. They’re a little deceiving because when you see them in the dropper the color looks like it’s going to be very concentrated then it’s not. This drink probably took 4 droppers full. And it still didn’t come out as dark as we wanted it to. We probably would have had to have used the entire bottle for the color we wanted. Next time we will probably just infuse with the actual flowers for more control.

We also used this natural blue dye for the ice cube, and again, next time we will probably just end up steeping pea flowers in hot water then making cubes out of that to get a deeper color.

As for the garnish: we’re OBSESSED with tuiles right now and really wanted a blue one to garnish this drink. We tried making a couple the traditional way but just couldn’t get the look we wanted, so we cheated and heated up a blue jolly rancher on medium heat for a few minutes! So in the end we didn’t even bother with a real tuile recipe.

Here’s the recipe:
.5 oz triple sec syrup
1 oz coconut purée
1.5 oz of lime juice
1.5 oz of Ritual Tequila Alternative
4 droppers full of Blure Flower Extract
Shake real hard and strain over a big baby blue ice cube.
NA Blue Moon Coconut Margarita

It's one of the most celebrated days of the year....National Margarita Day! And how convenient is it that it fell the day after we started making posts on here. Great opportunity to get creative right away. One of the first things we thought of when trying to come up with a fun cocktail for today was one of our favorite snacks growing up: pepino con limon y tajin! One of the best combinations, both as a snack and a drink.

Here it is:
2 oz of Joe Cuervo (we used the repo)
1.5 oz of lime juice .75 oz of triple sec syrup
.5 simple syrup
.25 of a cucumber chopped up
chamoy, tajin, and a hot gummy band to garnish

We started with a quarter of a cucumber chopped up in a mixing glass. Also we like this triple sec syrup because it's easy to use when making NA cocktails. We added all of the ingredients to the glass then muddled HARD, mostly to get all of the color out of the cucumber and get a pretty green margarita.

We then switched to a shaker, added ice, shook hard, then strained into a glass with a half tajin rim, and garnished with a sweet and spicy gummy band.


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