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Blue Moon Coconut Margarita!

How cute would this margarita be for a gender reveal party!?! It would, of course, have to have its pink counterpart, maybe like a hibiscus margarita or some other flavor that would make for a good pink drink. Even on its own this blue themed margarita is fun and was a good challenge.

We did a lot of experimenting with this one and used some things we’ve never used before. One of them being these butterfly pea flower drops. They’re a little deceiving because when you see them in the dropper the color looks like it’s going to be very concentrated then it’s not. This drink probably took 4 droppers full. And it still didn’t come out as dark as we wanted it to. We probably would have had to have used the entire bottle for the color we wanted. Next time we will probably just infuse with the actual flowers for more control.

We also used this natural blue dye for the ice cube, and again, next time we will probably just end up steeping pea flowers in hot water then making cubes out of that to get a deeper color.

As for the garnish: we’re OBSESSED with tuiles right now and really wanted a blue one to garnish this drink. We tried making a couple the traditional way but just couldn’t get the look we wanted, so we cheated and heated up a blue jolly rancher on medium heat for a few minutes! So in the end we didn’t even bother with a real tuile recipe.

Here’s the recipe:
.5 oz triple sec syrup
1 oz coconut purée
1.5 oz of lime juice
1.5 oz of Ritual Tequila Alternative
4 droppers full of Blure Flower Extract
Shake real hard and strain over a big baby blue ice cube.
NA Blue Moon Coconut Margarita

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