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National Margarita Day Sips!

It's one of the most celebrated days of the year....National Margarita Day! And how convenient is it that it fell the day after we started making posts on here. Great opportunity to get creative right away. One of the first things we thought of when trying to come up with a fun cocktail for today was one of our favorite snacks growing up: pepino con limon y tajin! One of the best combinations, both as a snack and a drink.

Here it is:
2 oz of Joe Cuervo (we used the repo)
1.5 oz of lime juice .75 oz of triple sec syrup
.5 simple syrup
.25 of a cucumber chopped up
chamoy, tajin, and a hot gummy band to garnish

We started with a quarter of a cucumber chopped up in a mixing glass. Also we like this triple sec syrup because it's easy to use when making NA cocktails. We added all of the ingredients to the glass then muddled HARD, mostly to get all of the color out of the cucumber and get a pretty green margarita.

We then switched to a shaker, added ice, shook hard, then strained into a glass with a half tajin rim, and garnished with a sweet and spicy gummy band.


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