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Angel's Delight with a Phoenix Twist

We found this pretty little cocktail a couple days ago somewhere on instagram and right when we saw it we knew we had to try it. This also gave us the chance to break out this pretty martini glass we bought today. We don’t have too many different glasses that we can experiment with at home so we ran to a Goodwill and found the most amazing cocktail glasses. This was probably our favorite. So we’re really excited to break out our new-used glassware over the next couple of weeks!

We saw this cocktail garnished with Baby’s Breath, which is kind of hard to find in Phoenix, so we put an Arizona twist on it and garnished it with these pretty succulent flowers instead.

One of our favorite things about this cocktail is that it’s so easy to make non-alcoholic. And for all of you dairy free and vegan people out there, we made this with this plant based heavy cream we found at the store today!

Here is the recipe:

1.5 oz gin

.75 oz triple sec

.75 oz grenadine

1 oz cream (we used heavy cream for a frothier cocktail)

Dry shake first then add ice and shake some more and strain into a pretty glass!

For NA: use your fave NA gin and triple sec syrup instead of triple sec.


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