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How to Make the Spiciest of Margs!

We're always getting asked, "How do you make your margaritas so spicy?". Well, there are a bunch of different ways and since today is Cinco de Mayo we thought this would be the perfect time to make a spicy watermelon margarita and show you guys how to make spicy cocktails. And we definitely made this margarita a little bit spicier than we like but we know that’s what a lot of you are looking for.

1. Middle peppers! Dice up jalapeños or habanero chiles and muddle them in with all of your ingredients!

2. Bitters! There are so many fun bitters out there these days and you can also make pretty much any bitters you want right at home. The bitters we used here are habanero bitters.

3. Infused spirits!

Dice up whatever hot peppers you love and let them sit with tequila, or whatever your preferred spirit is, for a day or two. Now you have a whole bottle of good spiciness!

There are definitely so many ways to make drinks spicy but these are just a few. We'd love to hear how you do it and see your spicy margarita recipes!

Happy Cinco!

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