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Athletic Non-Alcoholic Michelada

When we found this Athletic Brewing light copper Cerveza Atlética the first thing we thought of was “this would probably make a really good Michelada” and guess what? It's probably the best Michelada we’ve ever had.

We love a pretty salty and spicy Mich, and we ended up using quite a bit of ingredients so we just gathered all of them for one big family photo.

We didn’t use very precise measurements the way we do with cocktails. We kind of winged it. Here’s the recipe:

1 oz of lime juice
1 spoonful of soy sauce
2 spoonfuls of Worcestershire sauce
A squirt of habanero hot sauce
A couple twists of salt

Fill halfway with Arriba Chelada clam and sea salt tomato and clam cocktail. Add ice. Then top with Athletic Brewing Co Cerveza Atlética and some Valentina seasoning.

Also, how pretty is this glass that we got from Goodwill!?!

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