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The Revolver- The First of Our Coffee Cocktail Series

As a little challenge I've decided to make different series of posts based around one ingredient. And the first ingredient I thought of was coffee of course.

Little backstory: I first started working in the service industry at coffee shops and eventually moved on to teaching latte art classes and helping people open up their own coffee shops, so my love for coffee goes way back and was eventually how I started bartending.

So that is the beginning of our coffee cocktail/mocktail series! This cocktail is one of my favorites to make when I’m serving guests at my day job because it’s one not one a lot of people have heard of and it’s kind of a blend of the traditional Manhattan and the Espresso Martini.

The other day I was walking around a store and I found this Jelly Bean Cappuccino Syrup and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it but I went ahead and bought it anyways. And it turns out it’s an awesome syrup for making coffee mocktails!



Cocktail Specs:

2 oz bourbon

1 oz coffee liquor

2 dashes orange bitters

NA variation

1 oz Jelly Bean Cappuccino Syrup

2 oz Monday whiskey

2 dashes orange bitters

We wanted to make this a little caffeinated and made a big coffee ice cube instead of serving it up the way we usually do.

Add all three to glass and stir with the coffee ice cube.

Oh yeah, then to top that all off we smoked it!

Garnish with a dehydrated orange and enjoy!

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